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Huang Jiaqi, the chairman of our company's customer, Korea Jianhe Co., Ltd., visited Tangsteel

2019/12/26 09:19
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On July 29, Wang Lanyu, the general manager of Tanggang Group, met with Huang Jiaqi, the chairman of the board of the Korea Jianhe Co., Ltd., and his party.

Wang Lanyu briefly introduced the development work of the comprehensive management, energy saving and emission reduction and internationalization strategy of the Tangshan Iron and Steel Company. He said that Tang Gang is an open enterprise, and has been attaching great importance to cooperation with foreign steel companies for many years. At present, its products are spread all over the world, and its product quality is recognized by international cooperation customers. Jianhe is a large consumer of steel products. Tanggang can provide Jianhe with a reasonable price and a full range of steel products. At the same time, Tanggang's own product structure is highly compatible with Jianhe's needs, the cooperation potential is huge, and the two companies' geographical locations are similar, which provides convenient conditions for future cooperation between the two sides. It is hoped that the two parties can strengthen exchanges and jointly promote mutual benefit. Cooperation.

Huang Jiaqi spoke highly of Tangsteel's plant governance and admired Tangsteel's management and team very much. He said that these have strengthened his confidence in cooperating with Tangsteel and hoped to have the opportunity to further strengthen cooperation with Tangsteel to achieve a win-win situation.

Accompanied by Wang Lanyu, the guests watched the feature film "Excellent Tangsteel" and the sand plate demonstration sand table, and visited the group Tangshan Iron and Steel Company plant, water treatment center, No. 4 blast furnace of the ironmaking department, and the galvanizing production line of the cold rolling department. On the 30th, the guests visited the No. 2 steel rolling production line of the medium and heavy plate company and had a discussion with relevant personnel.

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