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Hebei Iron and Steel Group Handan Iron and Steel Company became the first batch of domestic production of 0.8 design factor X80 pipeline steel enterprises

2019/12/26 09:21
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A few days ago, China Petroleum and Natural Gas Corporation (hereinafter referred to as "PetroChina") organized an expert in the pipeline steel industry to hold a review and appraisal meeting on the new product of Handan Steel 0.8 design factor X80 pipeline steel hot rolled coil. Handan Steel's 0.8 design factor X80 pipeline steel has been recognized by experts in the industry for its good overall product quality. The new product passed the appraisal and was officially transferred to mass production. Handan Iron & Steel became the first batch of 0.8-factor X80 pipeline steel large-scale production enterprises in China, and continued to maintain its leading position in the field of pipeline steel.

With the rapid development of pipeline steel in China, the strength design factor of high-grade pipelines is gradually upgraded. The increase of the design coefficient can increase the allowable pressure and the maximum conveying pressure of the pipeline steel under the premise of reducing the thickness of the pipe wall, thereby improving the pipeline steel conveying efficiency and the overall economic benefit. According to estimates, every 0.08 percentage point increase can save pipe usage and reduce project construction costs by 10%. At present, the domestic gas pipeline X80 brand uses a 0.72 design factor. At the beginning of 2012, PetroChina decided to start the 0.8 design factor test section in the construction of the Third West-East Gas Pipeline Project, and designated high-qualified steel companies to carry out trial production of this steel type. In view of Handan Steel's excellent performance in the field of pipeline steel production, Steel was included in the list of trial production enterprises, and trial production was carried out in two stages: single furnace and thousand tons. According to the requirements of PetroChina, Handan Iron & Steel completed single furnace trial production and 1,000-ton small batch trial production within two months, and in June this year successfully passed the Huayou Steel Pipe Plant, a subsidiary of China National Petroleum Corporation and PetroChina Xi'an Pipe Research Institute. With comprehensive quality certification, Handan Iron and Steel became the first batch of domestic enterprises that can participate in large-scale supply of test sections, and established Handan Iron and Steel's long-term strong brand position in pipeline steel products.

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